Looking for team building activities in Copenhagen?

Maybe as part of one of your coming corporate events? In the following you’ll find a detailed description of one of the very best company events that can be had in the greater Copenhagen area based on our experience.


Team building in English

There is a small but highly professional event agency called The Tribe located at Charlottenlund Slot. They specialize in combining great team building with larger company events like conferences, dinners and even parties. They’ve developed a special teambuilding game for exactly this purpose and we have to say, as far as teambuilding goes, this game is top of the line. Best teambuilding activity we ever did. And they did the whole thing in fluent English.


Team building activities for 100 employees

For that many people good intelligent team building activities is hard to find, but The Tribe have managed to make an art of doing exactly that. Charlottenlund Slot is a beautiful location not that far from Copenhagen central and easily reached by car of public transportation. We did a combination of both and they have free public parking too, just ideal.


Entertainment ideas for company party

We combined our team building with both a dinner and a party and we have to say that The Tribe excelled at all it. Professional and friendly staff, great wine and food, and Charlottenlund Slot is just a very nice place to host a party with a lovely relaxed atmosphere and just the right balance between beautiful and cozy. And the combination of game and party worked really well – put everyone in a great mood.


Business events Europe

We have tried teambuilding and many other types of corporate events all over Europe and honestly; while The Tribe is relatively small, they are up-and-coming and are in our opinion among the most professional and clever event management companies in Europe. They have a very unique mixture between straight professionalism and culturally deep playfulness with great attention paid to every detail. And, they have a digital tribe for Seo and digital rådgivning (advertisement) that can easily assist with turning your event into a digital and employee branding and happening as well.


Team building ideas

So, if you are fresh out of ideas for your next event we highly recommend The Tribe. Just reach out to them, they are full of great ideas for teambuilding activities and business events in Denmark. Their main focus is on team building in Copenhagen, but they are certainly capable of more than that. Extend your stay perhaps and make it a whole corporate teamday with games, good food and challenging teambuilding exercises.


Business events Copenhagen

We’ve already said, but we really can’t emphasize enough our liking of this little company. And as far as business events in Copenhagen go there are none better we think. Give The Tribe a call, they will not disappoint.

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